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Doing lots of mega flops...

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The Novel Interruptable Microprocessor (Just A bit RISC) (NIMJAR) processor is a (soon to be) actual physical novel 16-bit microprocessor with interrupt support.

This website is designed for programmers wishing to develop programs for the NIMJAR processor, either directly in machine code or using the developed assembler.

The architecture of the processor is described in Section {s:Arch} as well as the registers that are available to the programmer. Section {s:InstSet} summarises the features of the instruction set and then describes each instruction in detail. Section {s:ProgTips} explains the conventions used for NIMJAR programs, for example how to call subroutines and the use of the stack. Section {s:Int} describes the operation of interrupts and how to respond to them.

The use of the assembler is explained in section {s:Assembler} to assist in writing of programs for the processor. Section {s:ExamProg} describes four example programs to demonstrate the functionality and conventions used within programs.

Section {s:Sim} describes how to simulate the processor using the example programs. It also describes how to use the simulation to develop programs.